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Dan W. Crowdus, P.E.

Dan W. Crowdus, P.E.

Civil Engineer for Development

The Development Review Team (DRT) was created to provide a concise, efficient process for reviewing engineering plans for proposed developments in the City of Auburn. All new developments and additions to existing developments require approval by the DRT. To apply for the Development Review Process, items listed on the DRT Submittal Requirements should be submitted to the Engineering Services Department located at 161 North Ross Street. The review turnaround time is two weeks, with a meeting on the third week to discuss City comments and to review any change to the plans.

You may now submit your DRT application through our online portal. Please note that some items in the submittal package may still require hard copies to be dropped off at our office.

The weekly submittal deadline is Wednesday at 3:30 PM. The weekly DRT meeting is held on Thursday at 9:00 AM either virtually or in the Engineering Services main conference room. Submittals received on or before the weekly submittal deadline will be on the meeting agenda five (5) weeks from the Thursday of that week.

The only exception is Thanksgiving week. Projects that would have been on the DRT meeting agenda for that week will be covered at the DRT meeting the following week.

For detailed information about the DRT process, including checklists, application forms, submittal requirements, and more, refer to Section 1.3 in the Engineering Design and Construction Manual. For convenience, the submittal list, application and checklists are provided in the links below. Note that some submittals require more documents than the ones provided below. All forms and submittal documents can be found in the Engineering Design & Construction Manual.

DRT Fee Schedule:
Site Plan Projects = $75
Subdivision Projects = TBD

Submittal Information and Forms: